At Nouveau Construction, we take on home projects large and small.  We make it our mission to remodel with quality and efficiency.  We work on houses ranging from the old Craftsman, mid-century modern, on up to present day designs.  We have built new houses up from the ground, renovated kitchens and bathrooms, and redone decks, fences and siding.  
One of the main focuses at Nouveau Construction is on true green building.  We use sustainable, durable and salvaged products to ensure that the work we have done will last.  It is our aim to make homes more efficient and suited to each individual’s lifestyles and needs.  This defines green building. 
As a company, we pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship and clear communication.  We bring creative problem solving and smart design concepts to every project.  It is our aim to work with your budget.  In order to save our clients’ money and make the remodeling process as transparent as possible, we include our clients in has much of the process as they choose.  From design to demo, framing to finish, you’re welcome to put your tool bags on!    
We aim to give you the most value out of your remodeling investment.
Whatever your vision may be, we can make it a reality.

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