As a contractor and as I person, I am especially aware of the demands that my trade places on the environment.  In my nearly 20 years in the trade, I have found that what constitutes ‘green building’ is less about buying new products that have an eco-friendly label, and more about using salvaged and recycled materials whenever possible.

For clients that are interested in making their project as environmentally sustainable as it is possible to be, I would invite you to work with me in putting together your project from reclaimed and repurposed materials. The resulting look may not have the sleek finish you get when using entirely new materials. However, it is an opportunity to put together a one-of-a-kind living space that we can tailor to you own personal aesthetic out of what we find.

Here is an example of a kitchen I built in a basement apartment. Only the tiles and floor are new materials. Everything else was reclaimed and repurposed materials:

For this example, but result was eclectic, but with time and intention, we can find out how to make a living environment that best suits you.

This type of project may not be for everyone, but I wish to make it available for those who want to remodel, but may find themselves conflicted by the environmental impact of construction.

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