About Nouveau Construction:

Nouveau Construction began when Justin McCormick designed and built a 200-square-foot tiny home in the heart of Ballard.  He used salvaged materials for most of the framing, all the interior woodwork, windows, doors, and other miscellaneous materials.  Since then, he has done everything from building custom designed houses to kitchen and bathroom remodels. He is especially interested in tiny houses and accessory dwelling units (ADUs), remodeling older, craftsman-style homes, and green building using salvaged materials whenever feasible.



About Justin, Owner and General Contractor:


Justin has been building and remodeling houses for over 18 years.  He loves helping people make the remodeling process affordable and transparent, and has a passion for well-designed houses and quality construction.  Justin has lived all over the US, but has been here in Seattle over half his life.  He lives in North Seattle with his daughter, wife, dogs, cats and chicken.  When not working on his home, he can be found playing music or enjoying nature.


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